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Robert Mulhall

Lucca Leadership / Level 2

Awardee 2008

Lucca Leadership / Level 2
Sr. Antoinette Keelan
Conor O’Leary

In 2004 having volunteered with Lucca Leadership in the UK for two years, Robert Mulhall set up Lucca Leadership Ireland with the help of some close friends who were inspired by a vision and wanted to make a positive impact themselves.

Lucca Leadership programmes are designed for young people from all backgrounds to experience what it takes to lead positive change. They help young people to develop their confidence, leadership skills and understanding, and a sense of responsibility to make a positive difference in the world.

Lucca Leadership programmes in Ireland include tailored programmes for Transition Year students and youth organisations, mentor training programmes and community days.

Robert believes that the best way to ensure the brightest future for Ireland and the world is to create it. There are many problems in this world: poverty, disease, inequality, war, abuse, suicide. However, Robert strongly believes that without great leadership none of these problems will be resolved. In caring for the needs of all, transformational leaders look to co-operate and find that which will unite, rather than that which only divides.

The people who inspire me the most are the young people who come on our leadership programmes, who discover a confidence within themselves and a sense of responsibility to take action and go out and make the difference.

Robert Mulhall

Robert Mulhall, Elevator Award, 2008

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