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Robert Smith

Sign Video / Level 1

Awardee 2008

Sign Video / Level 1
Kareen Pennefather
Anne Twohig-Wall

The Sign Video project is a nationwide, self sustaining, videophone network for the Deaf community.

For a population of 5,000 profoundly Deaf people in Ireland, there are currently just over thirty accredited Irish Sign Language (ISL) interpreters. ISL is the preferred language of the Deaf community and so the ready availability of interpreters is an issue of equality and access for this group.

The development of Sign Video will provide a powerful and innovative model to promote equality for the Deaf community. In the context of the 2005 Disability Act, it will provide a practical and achievable means of making information on public services more accessible to Deaf people in Ireland.

Robert believes this project will allow Ireland’s Deaf community to communicate with each other on a new level. It will provide a remote interpreting service allowing for an efficient and cost effective solution to Irelands ISL interpreter shortage.

Introducing this technology to the Deaf community in Ireland will permit social inclusion to a whole community across a whole nation.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith, Impact Award, 2008

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