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Sharon Vard

Anam Cara / Level 2

Awardee 2008

Anam Cara / Level 2
Conor O’Leary
Suleiman Abdulahi

The death of a son or daughter is one of the most devastating experiences for a family. The aim of Anam Cara is to offer support to bereaved parents and siblings by those who have experienced a similar loss.

After the loss of her daughter Rachel, Sharon and her family went through this devastation and although extended family and friends were wonderful, “it was only when we were in the company of other bereaved parents that we felt someone really understood the full extent of our pain and loss.” It was from this realisation that Anam Cara, a non profit voluntary organisation, dedicated to offering support, friendship and reducing the isolation that follows the death of a son or daughter, was conceived.

Anam Cara reaches bereaved families through various channels, the website, a private message forum and formal/informal events around the country. Anam Cara is working towards having a national reach and already has set up nine Satellite Groups to date. Sharon is working on increasing this reach and enhancing the support Anam Cara can offer to bereaved parents and siblings to help them on the journey following their loss.

I would like to live in an Ireland where there are strong support structures for families who have lost a son or daughter so that they do not feel isolated on their journeys.

Sharon Vard

Sharon Vard, Elevator Award, 2008

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