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Sheila Gallagher and Melissa Griffith

Green Sod Land Trust / Elevator Programme

Awardee 2011

Green Sod Land Trust / Elevator Programme
Micheal Kelly
Steven Daly

Green Sod Land Trust is an environmental protection and awareness organisation working to facilitate the protection of land and its biodiversity. Through working with local communities their aim is to build a future where land is thriving and in abundance.

The Challenge

Despite Ireland’s international image as a ‘green’ country with a wonderful natural heritage, there is now phenomenal pressure on wildlife and ecosystems. Transport, urban development and intensive management of agricultural land are driving rapid loss of biodiversity in Ireland. All of this development has come at great cost to other species and ultimately to ourselves. Ireland’s natural habitat is the foundation upon which our agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism sector depends and is vital for sustaining vital societal services such as clean water, productive soil and clean air.

The Idea

Having been involved in a wide range of environmental campaigns over many years, Sheila Gallagher and Melissa Griffith were keen to take a more pro-active approach to environmental change. They set up Green Sod Land Trust to protect ecosystems and natural habitats, and to inspire people to take a pro-active role in their preservation, ensuring that they thrive and flourish for present and future generations. Green Sod Land Trust protects ecosystems directly by preserving land, and inspires people to re-think how they interact with the environment through education, advocacy, research and encouraging green entrepreneurship.

The Impact

Human survival depends on the life-systems of the planet being respected and protected. Protection of wild areas by the Trust ensures that these essential life systems are maintained for the future. The Trust was gifted its first piece of land recently, and aims to save land in every county in Ireland. Through their work, Green Sod Land Trust aims to re-establish our connection to nature and create a society that understands the interconnectedness of all life: a society committed to protecting life and its ecosystems and habitats for all of us.

Our natural heritage sustains us. It provides us with all we need for life, and it is incumbent on us to protect it. This is the duty of our generation, not the next.

Sheila Gallagher & Melissa Griffith

Sheila Gallagher and Melissa Griffith, Elevator Award, 2011

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