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Thomas McCann

Traveller Counselling and Psychotherapy Service / Level 1

Awardee 2006

Traveller Counselling and Psychotherapy Service / Level 1
Gerry Callaghan
Caroline McGuigan

A member of the Traveller community, Thomas worked to establish a counselling and psychotherapy service for the Traveller community.

This service initially ran on a pilot basis in the greater Dublin area over a period of nine months, with a number of qualified therapists who were specialists in different fields, such as family therapy, alcohol and addiction.

Thomas has have been working on Traveller issues for over twenty years since graduating from Maynooth College in 1987 in community development work and until recently was joint coordinator of the Irish Traveller Movement.

Thomas was also a level 2 Awardee in 2009. To see how the service developed and the impact it has had, you can see his profile here

It is very important that people feel that their cultural background and identity is valued and respected regardless of which cultural group they come from.

Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann, Elevator Award, 2006

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