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Tina Schmill

Pegasus - Horses Help People / Level 1

Awardee 2007

Pegasus - Horses Help People / Level 1
Paul Mooney
Mary Nally

Pegasus is a specialised therapeutic riding centre committed to offering the proven benefits of therapeutic riding to children and adults with special needs or a disability.

Pegasus promotes tolerance of diversity and social inclusion and serves clients of all ages and abilities.

Tina Schmill founder Pegasus in late 2002 and is Project Manager/Head Instructor at the centre. Contact with animals can create measurable health benefits in autistic children and bonding with horses can create unique opportunities for depressed or troubled individuals to regain trust, confidence and lost communication skills. Pegasus’ clients experience specific (or multiple) challenges and the organisation seeks to enhance physical, cognitive and emotional healing through equine/animal assisted activities. Tina also has plans for a unique playground, sensory garden & respite accommodation.

I want to see Ireland and its people becoming more tolerant, openminded and supportive of people with special needs and to send out the message that ‘ability not disability’ is what truly matters.

Tina Schmill

Tina Schmill, Impact Award, 2007

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