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Trevor White

City of a Thousand Welcomes

Awardee 2012

City of a Thousand Welcomes
Aviva Cohen
George Boyle

Promoting Dublin as a place of outstanding hospitality and civic pride, by encouraging Dubliners to sign up as volunteer ‘Ambassadors’ and bring visitors to the city for a free cup of tea or a drink.

The Challenge

In this time of economic hardship it can be difficult for people to remember what is unique and positive about Ireland. With tourism revenues in decline, there is a need to think creatively about how we attract people to this country. As the capital city, Dublin requires more potent international profile to attract visitors and investment. By providing it with a unique identity, Dublin could be an even more attractive tourist destination.

The Idea

Despite the downturn, 94% of tourists still say that the most memorable aspect of their trip to Ireland is the friendliness of the people. Building on this and playing to the strengths of the country, Trevor White has developed a unique activity which allows Dubliners to volunteer to welcome tourists to the City. The service pairs tourists with Dublin ‘Ambassadors’ who have similar interests. They meet in the Little Museum of Dublin on St Stephen’s Green and go for a complimentary cup of tea or a drink in one of three places that are renowned for exceptional hospitality: the Porterhouse Bar, Bewley’s Café or the Merrion Hotel.

The Impact

By encouraging Dubliners to show off the best parts of their city, the service promotes civic pride and encourages visitors to come to the city by sending a positive message about Dublin out to the rest of the world - it is the only city in the world where the locals are literally queuing up to meet you! Already over 2,500 people have volunteered to be Dublin ‘Ambassadors’ and welcome tourists to the city, showing that Dublin might just be the friendliest city in the world.

Dubliners really are nice and welcoming people.

Sonja from Germany

Trevor White, Elevator Award, 2012

Welcome to Dublin Welcome to Dublin

Welcome to DublinMaking Dublin the friendliest city in the world

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