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Yemisi Ojo

IACI-Network / Level 1

Awardee 2005

IACI-Network / Level 1
Brian Flanagan
Liam Réamonn

Yemisi is founder and president of the IACI-Network (Integration of African Children in Ireland).

IACI’s mission is to serve as a networking information forum for all African children living in Ireland by networking and consulting with African children on a local, regional and on a national level. In addition, IACI works to challenge stereotypes and emphasise positive images of African children and hopes to be able to educate both Irish and African youth about understanding and appreciating cultures other than their own.

Yemisi is active in the day-to-day running of IACI and has organised and coordinated workshops, seminars, outings and weekly activities with children and their families. She is also on the board of management of Tallaght Intercultural Action.

In 2008, Yemisi won the Ethnic Minority Social Entrepreneur Award, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to youth integration.

Yemisi Ojo, Impact Award, 2005

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