Our Story began in Jan 2016 when Alex went to a house party in the Greenmount area, Cork City and took a synthetic substance believing it to be a less potent drug. Alex ended up taking a huge dose of the lethal drug known as Nbomb which resulted in him being brought to CUH where Alex never regained consciousness and subsequently 4 days later sadly passed away after being pronounced brain-dead. Alex changed the lives of 4 people by donating 2 of his kidneys, his liver and his heart but Alex’s story did not end here. Alex’s sister, Nicole, wanted what happened to her family to never need to happen to another so needlessly again so she decided that Alex would change the world and she would be his catalyst and his storyteller.

Nicole gave up her career to come home and build Alex’s Adventure. Over the last 3 years Nicole has travelled the length and breadth of the country visiting schools and delivering her workshop educating and sharing how our choices can impact our lives forever. Nicole has visited over 50+ schools, colleges & youth clubs and has delivered this workshop to over 5000+ students nationwide. From this life changing experience Alex’s Adventure, the blended learning workshop was born. Nicole and her team developed a brand-new programme that aims to not only help the students learn more about substance misuse but also to upskill teacher and empower them to be able to do what Nicole does.

The junior cycle SPHE curriculum is embedded into the new programme which has 4 lesson plans and online platform for effective learning and delivery. Alex’s story continues…

The students said that Nicole's talk was the best talk they had ever attended, ever.

King’s Hospital, Dublin.

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