People living with autism often experience discrimination and exclusion in school, in the jobs market and in social circles. This is because few members of the public  have  received  the  knowledge they need to build an autism friendly society. AsIAm is committed to changing this by developing a strong, well informed and vibrant  autism  community  and  working with society more broadly to increase understanding of autism.

AsIAm  believes  that  by  engaging  society  in  gaining  a  greater  insight  into autism and by empowering autistic people and their families with the tools to advocate for themselves and the broader autism community, we can build a truly inclusive, accessible Ireland

“Being an SEI Awardee has provided me with the support, mentorship and confidence to develop and set it on a firm footing and a clear path. It has also developed my skills, confidence and competence as a social entrepreneur enormously”

Adam Harris


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