Men in Ireland face a number of challenges around poor mental and physical health, suicide and the loss of community cohesion. Men’s Sheds address all of these issues by addressing their root cause: social isolation.

Each Men’s  Shed  is  a  community  space  where  men  of  all  ages  and  backgrounds  can  come together,  share  skills,  make  new  friends  and  connect  with  others  in  their locality.

As  a  nationwide,  member-focused,  grassroots  community  initiative,  the Irish Men’s Sheds Association has the capacity to transform the lives of all those who come into contact with it; sometimes subtly, sometimes in a more profound way

“Men’s Sheds have become central to some 400 communities throughout Ireland. They provide an invaluable service by helping to tackling social isolation which in turn strengthens local communities. “I have had the privilege of seeing the great work that local Men’s Sheds do in supporting important local initiatives. The fact that all men in a locality have a place to go to share their experience and make friends is hugely important as we need to continue to help each other out with the issues that we may be facing. Companionship and a sense of place is vital to our mental wellbeing, and the Sheds provide a space where healthy connections are made and nurtured.

Michael Ring, TD

Minister for Rural & Community Development

About Irish Men's Sheds Association

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