ByoWave aims to alleviate the exclusion and isolation felt by people with disabilities due to inaccessible games controllers. ByoWave estimates that there are over 180 million disabled gamers worldwide who are unable to to play video games due to inaccessible video game controllers. Co-founder Eibhlin O’Riordan is one of these people. She has a disability – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – that means she can only play games with one hand. Each ByoWave controller is made up of a set of electronic cubes that can connect together at any angle. The user connects their cubes together to create whatever shape they want to accommodate their specific disability. 


Finding a community whose fundamental drive is social good, and being selected as a member within it, has re-energised the passion I found at UCD to innovate and engineer world class assistive technology that solves real problems for real people

Brandon Blacoe,