There is a food business and a charity within walking distance. One is throwing away food and the other needs food

The idea of FoodCloud was born while we were in university and working on an innovation project. We were shocked that 1 million tonnes of food is thrown out by Irish consumers and businesses every year, while 1 in 10 people are living in poverty. We were determined to do something. We came up with a simple and scalable solution – an app and platform that makes the redistribution of surplus food as easy as possible, matching businesses with too much food with charities in their community that have too little. Retailers and businesses use the app to upload the details of their surplus food, with local charities receiving a text message notifying them. The charity can then collect the donation and distribute it to the individuals they support. In 2014 we won the Impact Award. The funding, training, and mentorship from SEI has supported us through the ups and downs of the last two years. The Impact Award gave us credibility and helped us to spread the word about our work. It also gave us the opportunity to gain support from SEI’s network of business contacts. What started in Ireland is now expanding worldwide.

"They are making a big difference to society"

Leo Varadkar,
An Taoiseach

About FoodCloud

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The Idea and the Impact

The Challenge:

With hundreds of thousands of Irish people going hungry and tonnes of good surplus food going to waste, Ireland was missing a way to resolve these two complementary challenges.

The Solution:

Aoibheann and Iseult had the idea for FoodCloud, connecting retailers, suppliers and producers with surplus food to local charitable groups that don’t have enough. They do this through an app, which allows for easy food redistribution, connected to a network of volunteers.

"SEI has been an amazing support for FoodCloud as we expanded quickly. The Award brought great credibility to our organisation too, which has enabled us to gain further support as we have grown."

Aoibheann O’Brien & Iseult Ward

Co-founders of Foodcloud



Donated 11,469 tonnes of food

Redistributed over 25 million meals

Employed 40 people

Connected more than 1,900 retailers and food industry partners and over 6,000 charity and community partners

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