Dyslexia is the most common learning disability in the world. Up to 10% of students are dyslexic in Ireland – approximately 50,000 people. Peer’s ed-tech product is delivered via website and mobile. Users can use both ‘text to speech’ to aid them with their reading and ‘speech to text’ to aid them with their writing. Peer offers short term support tools and long term learning development for people with dyslexia that is flexible enough to be used in all levels of education and in the workplace.

One of our goals of Peer is to build awareness about dyslexia and different learning abilities. Being awarded a place on SEI Impact Programme is significant for us and for people with dyslexia. Being able to tap into and learn from the SEI alumni network is going to be invaluable for our small company, as there is so much expertise in the area for education and developing high impact solutions that are solving real world issues in Ireland and beyond.

Graham Brocklebank,