Mobility Mojo works with hotels to help them deliver an inclusive and welcoming experience for guests with accessibility needs. According to the WHO, over one billion people globally live with some form of disability and an estimated half of these don’t travel as a result. Mobility Mojo has built a toolkit that enables a hotel manager anywhere in the world to collect accurate data about the accessible features in their premises. The hotel then integrates and displays all their accessible features on their website in a standardised way.

Mobility Mojo has already signed up Ireland’s biggest hotel groups and is poised to scale both nationally and internationally in 2021.

“Being on the SEI Scale Partnerships programme is an honour for Mobility Mojo. Both the financial and non-financial supports will be hugely valuable to us as we work to deliver on our mission to open the world to everyone”

Noelle Daly, 

Co-founder, Mobility Mojo

About Mobility Mojo

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