People living with autism often experience discrimination and exclusion in school, in the jobs market and in social circles. This is because few members of the public have received the knowledge they need to build an autism-friendly society. AsIAm is committed to changing this by developing a strong, well informed and vibrant autism community and working with society more broadly to increase understanding of autism.

AsIAm believes that by engaging society in gaining a greater insight into autism and by empowering autistic people and their families with the tools to advocate for themselves and the broader autism community, we can build a truly inclusive, accessible Ireland

"Starting a social enterprise can be scary as you might be the only person who can really see your vision turning into reality. It can feel like you will never get the backing or funding that you need. Go with it though! If you believe you have an idea that can change Ireland, don’t underestimate the power of your passion to recruit supporters and build a movement. It takes time but if you put the work in it will happen."

Adam Harris,


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