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The last number of weeks have seen unprecedented changes to the way we all work, live and connect due to the Covid19 global pandemic. Due to this evolving situation and its unpredictable nature, unfortunately, we have made the decision to indefinitely postpone the Impact Programme, effective today (03.04.20). Our Ideas Academy is still open for applications. Please email to receive more information and other ways that we can support you.

The Awards Programme

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“This year has seen bigger personal improvements than
any other in my lifetime”

Stephen Cluskey

Mobility Mojo – Awardee 2017

Six social entrepreneurs will be selected to
participate in the Awards Programme, receiving training
and support, access to a powerful network and direct

Training & Support

The Awards Programme delivers one-to-one and group training, in areas such as leadership development, communications, governance, strategic planning, fundraising, and resilience.


As members of Ireland’s largest network of social entrepreneurs, Awardees receive support and mentorship from a large number of extremely experienced social entrepreneurs currently driving social change across the country, along with Ireland’s leading business experts.


Awardees receive direct unrestricted funding of €20,000 to support them to build strong foundations for their organisations and grow their impact.

Previous participants have included:

Alex Cooney & Cliona Curley
Awardee 2017
Since participating in the SEI Awards Programme, CyberSafeIreland has reached more than 15,000 children and 3,000 parents through school and workplace training. After the session, 94% of parents are more confident about applying the knowledge they have learned at home. CyberSafeIreland develops a range of resources for parents and schools, which it shares through its website and social media channels and gathers data on an on-going basis to map trends and usage as well as to highlight risks.


Children today are growing up in a connected world and are fluent in the use of technology in a way that most of their parents never will be. They are not, however, equipped with the skills that they need to navigate the online world safely and responsibly. We need to mitigate against risks such as loss of personal data, cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, negative impacts on health and well-being and, online grooming and extortion.


CyberSafeIreland believes that the solution lies in education, and our focus is on reaching children in primary schools aged between 8 and 13, when they are first starting to use smartphones and tablets more independently. Our classes are interactive and fun, and we engage the children in discussions on important topics such as peer pressure and what it means to be an “upstander.” We target parents too, because it is essential that they are engaging in their children’s online lives and one of our objectives over the next two years is to launch a National Parents Awareness Campaign and to develop innovative tools and resources for parents and teachers.


In 2016, we won a place on the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Awards Programme which has made an enormous difference to our organisation, particularly in terms of developing our strategy, building good communications and the helping us to determine the best use of time and resources to achieve meaningful solutions. And we continue to receive their invaluable support though the Impact Partnership Programmes, helping us take our programme to another level. Social Entrepreneurs Ireland has helped us to “think big” - we’ve engaged over 15,000 children to date but as part of our three year strategy, we aim to reach out to half a million people.

"We won’t rest until we have national solutions to this growing problem, and with the continued support of SEI through the Impact Partnership Programmes, we are taking significant steps closer to doing just that."

Alex Cooney

CEO and co-founder of CyberSafeIreland

Please read The Awards Programme Applicant Guide to ensure you fully understand how the selection process works, the eligibility criteria, what to expect from the programme, and the time commitment involved.
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