What change can you make today?

At SEI we know how to find and support people with innovative ideas. They have a unique blend of passion, insight and drive to take on a problem and create change in Irish society .

We also know that for every social entrepreneur solving a social problem and taking action, they need a community of support, giving them the courage to persevere and backing them as they scale their solutions.

For every social entrepreneur taking action on a problem, there is a person, business or foundation helping us to support them.

Join our 100 for 100 community

Become part of the change. We are looking for 100 champions to donate €100 a month and support 100 social entrepreneurs who are leading change in Ireland .

Our 100 for 100 community helps us to reach more social entrepreneurs, supporting their journey and deepening their impact on Ireland’s social problems

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Donor Charter
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To find out more about supporting the work of Social Entrepreneurs Ireland please contact:

Gráinne O’Hogan, Director of Development grainne@socialentrepreneurs.ie / +353 1 685 2539

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