Are you one of Ireland’s highest-potential social entrepreneurs? Do you have what it takes to make real change across the country?

Our Impact Programme is a nine-month accelerator programme that will provide you with specialised support to help you to bring your project to the next level, with a view to becoming a highly impactful, effective, scalable, and sustainable organisation. As an Impact Programme Awardee your project will receive support and direct funding worth over €20,000, and you will join Ireland's largest network of social entrepreneurs working across the country to solve Ireland’s social problems quickly and effectively.

Applications to the Impact Programme open once per year. Applications for the 2022 programme will open on the 22nd of February and close on the 5th of April.

Please note that due to Covid-19 restrictions in Ireland, the Impact Programme will initially be delivered online.

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Five social entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in the Impact Programme, receiving training and support, access to a powerful network and direct funding:

Training & Support

The Impact Programme delivers one-to-one and group training, in areas such as leadership development, communications, governance, strategic planning, fundraising, and resilience.


As members of Ireland’s largest network of social entrepreneurs, Impact Programme Awardees receive support and mentorship from a large number of extremely experienced social entrepreneurs currently driving social change across the country, along with Ireland’s leading business experts.


Awardees receive direct unrestricted funding of €20,000 to support them to build strong foundations for their organisations and grow their impact.
“In 2019 I entered the SEI Awards programme. I was at the stage where I needed support and guidance to move AgriKids to the next level, I was struggling to work out how I might do that. The application process itself proved very useful but what was even better was the network and environment I was to become a part of. Creative, nurturing, insightful, knowledgeable and compassionate, I really could not have asked for more from the team at SEI. I remain so thankful that I took that first step and for all the steps that were to come after”

Alma Jordan

AgriKids, Impact Awardee 2019

James O’Neill
Property Marking Ireland
Impact Awardee 2019
Property Marking Ireland is a community-led crime prevention initiative. It uses a combined strategy to deter crime through a mixture of marking goods and property with a specially designed machine and large signage. Following its pilot in Monaghan, there was an astounding 88% decrease in burglaries. Developed in conjunction with An Garda Síochána, Joint Policing Committees, Eircode, and local communities, Property Marking Ireland aims to create a safe zone for rural and urban communities across the island, helping not only to reduce crime but also to reduce the fear and anxiety it causes.


Property crime is one of the biggest challenges in Ireland today. Every year within every community in Ireland households and small businesses experience the trauma of being a victim of theft or burglaries. Every year An Garda Siochana recover hundreds of thousands of euros worth of stolen property from the hands of criminals, but all too often there is no way of identifying its rightful owners. 


Following its pilot in Monaghan, which was delivered in conjunction with An Garda Síochána, Joint Policing Committees, Eircode, and local communities, there was an astounding 88% decrease in burglaries in the area. Since completing The Impact Programme in 2020, The Property Marking Ireland initiative is now up and running in 16 counties across Ireland with over 100,000 household valuables marked, over 350 community Gardai trained and volunteers in over 250 communities. 


Property Marking Ireland aims to create a more secure property environment in rural and urban communities across the island, helping not only to reduce crime but also to reduce the fear and anxiety it causes.  This crime prevention program allows An Garda Siochana to detect, identify, and return stolen property or lost property to its rightful owner through a mixture of marking goods and property with a specially designed machine and the provision of signage at community, premises and property item levels. 

In June 2020, there were more than 430 bicycle robberies in Dublin, with only 6% of stolen bikes returned to their owners. Property Marking Ireland is currently targeting bicycle shops in Dublin to use their marking service which will aim to tackle the broader issue of a 40% national increase in reported bicycle thefts.  


"Without organisations like SEI, organisations like Property Marking Ireland and other social enterprises might never be able to provide innovative responses to real-life problems. The Impact Programme provided vital funding and practical supports to help us achieve our mission. This recognition and validation means a huge amount, and will allow us to grow our work in communities all around Ireland"

James O’Neill

Founder of Property Marking Ireland

Applications to the Impact programme 2022 will open on 22nd of February 2022 and close on April 5th 2022.

We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and we are committed to providing equal opportunities regardless of gender identity, marital status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or religion. (The Equal Status Acts 2000-2018)

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